About Us

about edurazi company

Our team is consisted of practicing lawyers, experienced lecturers, academic Doctors with significant research and teaching impact globally tallying years of innovation and development in educational sectors.

Our vision is to provide the best solutions for all our clients employing our experience and expertise along with professional networking services. This is why we are one of the leading providers for bespoke educational services globally and nationally as we understand the gap in each educational sector due to our significant knowledge both academically and culturally.

We develop technical solutions to encourage connections between students and different institutions. This is made possible through making high-quality educational products and services for a variety of stakeholders, including professional development courses, training agents, online contents and learning platforms.

With a valuable experience in designing educational and professional courses, we cover different aspects of studying and working at foreign destinations. For example customisable training platforms are designed for teaching the English language at all levels. Furthermore, we offer courses to equip applicants with up-to-date information on various education systems and practical and professional guidelines for students to select the best institution of their future career goals. As professional consultants, we are committed to providing students with extraordinary experiences and exposing them to opportunities that might not be accessible otherwise to stand apart from the crowd.

We also provide services for new businesses to develop with an increased pace by providing an in-depth overview of the international education. Experiential learning tools are devised for the creation of engaging and innovative academic programs focused on business studies. We recognise the potential in the students to start up businesses and are here to provide them with professional advice for a smoother transition from academia to business. They can learn everything they need to know about workplace laws, visa transition regulations, opening a business bank account, taxes and other business related information.

Phone Number: +44 114 360 7172