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Registration Page

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در این بخش اطلاعات لیسانس خود را وارد کنید
در این بخش اطلاعات لیسانس خود را وارد کنید
bachelor information
Our A To Z exclusive package includes the following services
  1. A To Z exclusive package to get a fully funded admission
  2. Educational/ professional consiultation
  3. Introducing the 10 most appropriate universities of your choice out of the 1000 best universities in the world
  4. Professional CV package
  5. Consultation in communications with the prospective supervisors
  6. SOP/RI/SOI writing
  7. Cover letter
  8. Social media pages polishing (e.g. LinkedIn)
  9. Personal web page design and development
  10. Mock interviews
  11. Support in preparation and checking the required documents
  12. Application for a variety of fundings and scholarship based on the subject
  13. Visa application consultation and appointment booking
  14. Ticketing and accommodation arrangement

Phone Number: +44 114 360 7172